Q: When do I book a session?  A: Please contact me 2 week or more before you would like to book a session date. I know we all have very busy schedules and I will work with you to get you in as soon as I can. Also don't forget we have to factor in the weather if we get rain we will need to re-schedul. Also during the fall and holiday seasons please try to book even earlier. I do fill up fast for that time of year.

Q: What should I wear? A: Please read 1-7

1. Coordinate but don’t match. Start out with a basic color palette and go from there. It can help to have one person (ex.say dad) in the photos who carries a pattern in their outfit that the rest of the group’s clothing or accessories pulls from, while keeping everyone else’s outfits more simple.

2. Choose your accent colors and fill in outfits with those punches of color in accessories … for  instance, if big sister’s patterned dress has tones of aqua, coral and gray, have mom wear a coral headband and little brother in an  aqua pair of Converse and bow tie. Show off the kids’ and your unique personality with accessories!

3. Try the same color( ex.black and jeans) then add one color that pops threw out by accessories. It still gives that    family pulled together look that you are after! 

4. Accessorize …(PLEASE) and please think outside the box. Scarves, hats, flowers in the hair for girls, jewelry, sweaters, vests, jackets,converse, hight heels in a fun color etc. – all these things can make a wow image!!

5. Think layers and textures they create interest in photos. I love multiple textures and layers, fall and winter is the best time for this and deeper colors photograph better! 

6. Avoid logos! You don't want to look back years from now and think what was I think wearing that logo....unless you wear the logo on ever thing ever day then by all means wear it! They are part of you!

7.The best tip I will give is be comfortable be true to you and it will show!!!

Q: Props do I bring them? A: Please bring them...I want to capture some personality! (grandpa’s vintage camera, their favorite stuffed animal, a quilt made by great grandma, the family’s beloved pet) but don’t let the prop be an distraction – make sure it “makes sense” being in the photo and blends well with the whole vision you had in mind for the shoot.... I want to capture  their personality with the prop as a added bonus!

Q: Where do you take photo at  A: I am based in Millersburg, Pa.  A  lifestyle/On Location photographer, I am not confined to a studio and I conduct all my session on location within a 25 mile radius of my home. Using all of the beautiful settings as a out doors play ground as I like to say! At  my disposal, is my family farm(sorry no animals) just great spots with building and cool paint that create textures. The farm is one of my many go to spot just tell me what you are looking for and I can find a great location

Q: Are you willing to travel? A: Yes I travel just about anywhere for a session, but additional mileage fees will apply  sessions more than 25 miles outside of Millersburg, Pa.

Q: How long will it take to view my pictures? A: 48 hours after your session your private online photo gallery  for viewing & purchasing prints will be started! An e-mail will be send to you with the password notification for your photo gallery but, It may take up to three weeks after the date of your session to complete the post editing of your images (if you have more than a family of 4 add in a extra week) Please note that I edit your photographs. I don't pay an outside service. I will not compromise quality in order to speed up my turnaround time sorry I hope the quality of my work is one of the reasons you chose me to work with.